Child ISA - Here are our most frequently asked questions regarding ISA’s for children (the new Junior ISA).

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Child ISA FAQ’s

Our most commonly asked questions..

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Child ISA Frequently Asked Questions...

Will my Child be eligible for the new Child ISA?
The Child ISA will be available to all UK resident children who are not eligible for the Child Trust Fund.
Any child born on or after 3rd January 2011 or any child under the age of 18 who was born before September 2002 will be eligible for the Child ISA.

Can Grandparents contribute towards a Child ISA?
Yes they can. In fact, any family members or friends can pay into a Child ISA account as long as the total annual investment does not exceed the annual limit (£3840) per year.

Are there different types of ISA for children?
There are two different types of Child ISAs.

  • Cash Child ISA - This holds just money in the account and works very much like a normal savings account.
  • Stocks and Shares Child ISA - This is an investment based ISA which hold stocks and shares in the account.
  • Each eligible child is entitled to hold one of each account at the same time.

    When is the Child ISA available?
    The Child ISA was officially launched in November 2011 and is now available to all eligible Children.

    Can I apply for a Child ISA now?
    Yes, you can apply for a Child ISA now. To apply online please visit our
    online application page.

    My child currently has a Child Trust Fund. Can I also open a Child ISA for them?
    Any child with a child trust fund will not be eligible for a Child ISA.

    Can anyone open a Child ISA?
    Only the parent of the child or the person with legal parental responsibility of the child can open a
    Child ISA account for that child

    How much can I pay into a Child ISA?
    The most you can pay into a Child ISA is a combined total of £3840 per tax year.
    Please note that grandparents, other family members and friends can contribute to a Child ISA but the combined total of investment must be no more than £3840 per annum.

    We expect this limit to raise each year along side inflation just like with a regular ISA account.

    Can I withdraw from the Child ISA Account?
    The funds are locked away in the account and can only be accessed by the child when they reach 18 years of age.

    Will the Child ISA effect my Child’s Trust Fund?
    No it will not. Although the child trust fund has been discontinued, you can continue investing into the product and we would expect the government will raise it’s contribution limit to £3840 to match the Child ISA.

    Will the government contribute towards the Child ISA?
    We’re afraid not. Unlike the Child Trust Fund, the government will not be making any contributions towards the Children’s ISA.

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